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Growing your business is difficult. Bring your team into our growth community to achieve your goals faster. 

"Having access to this virtual co-working space's advisory board provided the right connections, experts, and motivation my team was missing."

Nicholas Calabro

Business Professional

The HeyJo Community is here for your Company 

We're all about helping you and your team to grow. From help with business challenges, to improving your health & wellbeing, you will benefit from an army of minds passionate about growth and success.

4 Pillars of Growth

The HeyJo Community provides a wealth of opportunity to grow your business. We call these our '4 Pillars of Growth'. No other business community offers you as much. 

4 Pillars of Growth
Peer Support

Every member of the HeyJo community has been vetted to ensure they can provide real value. There are no hangers-on here. 

Industry Expert AMAs

Experts from a wide range of fields provide regular AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. Want to know the best Facebook targeting strategies, or how to expand into a new international market, here's where to find out.

Growth Webinars

Join one of the scheduled webinars to learn new ideas and strategies. From LinkedIn training to people management. systemisation techniques to mindset strategies, these sessions are guaranteed to provide you value. 


If you're looking for more in-depth 1-to-1 support, our team of resident mentors are available to really dive in deep to your business. 

Your Private Space

In addition to your membership of this exclusive community, create your own private office for internal team communications...

Create Your Virtual Office

Included with your membership is your own private team - think of this as a secure virtual office. Within your team, you can set up any number of functional areas to simplify ongoing communications. 

Invite Your Colleagues

An office is not much fun on your own. Invite your team members in, quickly and easily. Then get the conversations flowing! 

Switch Seamlessly Between Public/Private Areas

Your private office space is built into the community itself, so no more having to application-hop to know where your conversations live. Search in one place and never miss a beat.

Meet Our Team

Our team spans two continents and brings together the very best in growth-led professionals to help accelerate your business. Here are our founders' profiles:

Ken Andrukow


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Matt Lawless


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about us

Dedicated to knowledge-share and exponential growth

Growing a business can be challenging at the best of times. Let's face it, you're often aiming to transform your business into a place you've never been before. 

Why struggle on this journey alone? Our passion is to help you make the most of your business. That's why we have gathered together some of the most growth-hungry businesses worldwide, and added the wisdom and experience of seasoned expert mentors to help you on your way.

And the best part? You get to bring your entire team to the conversation and see what exponential growth looks like when everyone within your business is taking the same journey. 

Too many businesses rely on the founder being the sole visionary. Take a different path. Energise your whole team to contribute and see your profits soar!

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What questions can I ask and what will I learn?

There’s no limit to what you can ask and what you can get help with. Our community has organizations who have grown to multiple stages, $1m, $5m, even over $10m. Some have raised tons of money, others have bootstrapped. Some are boutique agencies with 5 people, other are large SaaS organizations with 75 employees.

Along the way, they've had to solve common business issues, such as scaling, hiring the best people, finding great investors, creating frameworks, accelerating growth, and a whole lot more. We guarantee that you're going to be blown away by the knowledge in here.

On the flip side, we know you also have something amazing to share and we also expect you'll share that and help others through their journey. This is a win-win co-working space.

Can My Membership be revoked?

As a space for world class organizations, it is important that we are helping each other & treating each other with respect. If you cannot do this, your membership will be immediately revoked.

Why a Private Community & not a Facebook group?

It’s simple - you'd never get a transparent shoe-box office and throw it in the middle of Times Square to maximize your company's productivity. You'd get them in a private space with the option of running downstairs when needed. Our app allows you to do just this... online.